How to Make the Most of Your Golf Practice

There are lots of different things that people do in order to practice their golf abilities between games. Some people may do very little, some may do a lot, but it is really important to make sure that if you are choosing to do some practice, that you practice the right things so that you make the most of what you are doing. There are several things that it is worth considering before you start.

Have a Plan

It is a good idea to make sure that you have a plan of action. Think about what specifically you want to work on, perhaps a particular stroke, your general fitness or whatever. You might want to work on several things at once but make sure that you have a specific plan for each. If you just leave it at ‘general fitness’ you may end up doing nothing. Plan how you will work on this, perhaps a walk or jog each day, some strength training etc. Put together a timetable with specific activities and timings and not only will you be more likely to stick to it but it will ensure that you target the right areas.

It’s always better to have a plan when hitting the golf course.

Target the Right Area

It is well worth making sure that you really are targeting the right area when you are training. You need to think hard about this. It may be easy to identify which areas of the game that you feel weakest in, but you may find that working in these areas is not always that beneficial. It is important to think about where will actually benefit your game the most. Think carefully about where you most often make mistakes and what impact improving that area might make. It can be easy to focus on one bad shot that really got you down, but if you normally hit that shot well, then practising it may not bring about much of an improvement. It might also be worth thinking about asking someone else to help you to identify where you need to improve. This is because it can be easier for someone else to see the problems rather than us. We may also not want to admit a certain area is a problem because we do not like the idea of working hard on that bit!

Try to Make it Interesting

Practising shot after shot can get really boring. Once we have done it a few times we can find boredom setting in and we might even switch off and think about other things. If we do this it means that we could just be hitting making error after error because we are not concentrating and adding to that muscle memory of the incorrect shot rather than improving. You need to make sure that you find a way to make sure that you stay concentrated. This might mean that you only do a few shots where you really concentrate and then move onto something else as soon as you feel that you are tiring and so practice in short regular bursts rather than for longer periods. Work out what you think will suit you.

Be Flexible

It can be beneficial to have a flexible approach. If you find that you are just not engaging with a particular way to practice then it is a good idea to try something new. It can be tempting to stick to a method because a book/magazine/website/friend has recommended it but it is worth remembering that it may not work for you. Think hard about whether it is something that is actually working out for you or not. You could find that you will benefit a lot more by switching to something different. So, if your progress is not as fast as you hoped, then look at new methods and try them out. It will be a risk of course, you could find that your game does not improve or perhaps gets worse for a while, but once you find the method that does suit you, it will be worth it. By taking a risk you could find that you will see a huge improvement at some stage and that will be well worth all the setbacks you may have suffered through experimenting. Remember we are all different and so there is no one perfect way to practice that will suit everyone but it is a case of finding the one that works best for you.

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Tips for Picking the Best Golf Clubs

When we are buying equipment, it is often tempting to assume that buying the most expensive will make us the best player. So, we look at clubs and find the one that is the most expensive that we can afford, buy it and assume that we will then play our best game with it. This can sometimes be a mistake though and it is good to consider what you are doing very carefully.

Ignore the Branding

It can be really tempting to go for a brand that your favourite player uses. You might think that it must be good if they use it or that as they are good you will automatically become good as a result of using it. However, remember a few things. Firstly, you will find that they may be given their equipment as companies sponsor them and so they use it because it is free not because it is necessarily the best. Also, certain brands might be better for certain skill levels and so if you are more of a novice or intermediate player then you might find that you will be better off with a different brand. So, try a few out, perhaps borrowing them from others, buying second hand or just handling them in the shops, so that you get a good idea of what they are all like first.

Grip is Important

It is really important to be aware of the grip of the club. If the grip is not thick enough for you, it will mean that making the shot will be difficult, as it will if the grip is too thick. Therefore, it is important to try them out and see what feels comfortable. Ask in the shop, if you can try out clubs with different sizes of grips and this will enable you to be able to get an idea of what difference they might make to your game. Even if you are buying second hand, you should still find that there is enough choice available so that you can get one with the right grip.

Shaft Flexibility and Length is Important

It is obvious that a taller player will need a club with a longer shaft. However, it is easy to overlook the fact that it is also important to think about flexibility. How flexible you need the shaft to be will depend on your swing. It can be tricky to test this out though unless you actually play with the clubs. If the shaft is too stiff then the ball is likely to often be sliced to the right and if it is too flexible it will go to the left. This means that if you have a problem with either of these when using particular clubs, you will be able to replace the club with one that is more suitable to your specific stroke.

Buy According to Experience

If you are a new player then you will know very little about your own game and what needs you have with regards to clubs. It can be well worth borrowing some to play with so that you can get an idea of what to expect. Buying second hand can also be useful as, if you make mistakes with your purchases, they will be less costly. You may also find that your enthusiasm for golf does not last long and so if you do decide to stop playing after a while, you will not have paid out that much. Once you do get more experienced though, you will have a better idea of what you should buy. You will not only know more about your own game so you can choose better but you can perhaps try out clubs that other players use, as you will have got to know more golf players at your golf club. You may like to buy one new one at a time too so that you can get used to that one, while you play the rest of your game with more familiar ones. This will be better than buying a whole new set and having to learn to use them all as this will mean that your game will suffer for a while and it could be demotivating. It can also be cheaper to buy one at a time as well and it could mean that you will be able to afford a better individual club. If you replace them all at once, you may have to compromise and may be disappointed.

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Buying the Best Waterproof Golf Accessories

When you are playing golf, you need to be prepared for playing in all weathers. If you want to play as often as possible then you will not be able to avoid playing in the rain (unless you go play golf in the sun in Portugal!). However, you need to be prepared for this and it is a good idea to make sure that you and your equipment are protected and prepared so that your game is not spoiled.

Waterproof Golf Bag

It can be a really good idea to use a golf bag that is waterproof. You will find that this will not only protect your clubs but also any other items you keep in there such as notebooks, changes of clothing, towels etc which you will not want to get wet. When you are choosing a bag be very careful to make sure that it is guaranteed to be waterproof. Something which is advertised as water-resistant could be tempting, but this is not the same as waterproof. Water may bead up on the surface and drip off but if the rain is persistent it will become saturated and leak and so make sure you are careful when you are choosing. You will also want to consider whether the bag is sturdy enough for the wear and tear that it might be subjected to and that it is the right size for the items that you need to store in it.

Golf Bag Rain Cover

If you have a bag already and it is not waterproof or have not been able to find a waterproof one that suits your other needs, then a cover could be the solution. These will often have adjustable fasteners making them compatible with most sizes of bags, but you will have to check to be completely sure that it will work for you. This might also be a more cost-effective solution in some cases.


If the rain gets on the handles of your clubs then they could be slippery when you use them. Therefore, towelling them off is a good idea. There are towels made specifically for golf. You will need something that is not too big, easy and quick to use, easy to wash and dry and lasts a long time as well.

Golf Umbrella

An umbrella will help you to stay dry when you are waiting for others to take their shot. You may be happy with getting all the protection you need from a waterproof jacket and trousers, but on the other hand, you may want to keep your hair and face dry. It can be annoying when wet trickles down your face and neck when you are taking a shot and if you wear glasses you will need to be able to see clearly too, so an umbrella can be useful for this. You may also want to consider getting an umbrella holder attachment for your trolley so you can easily carry it when it is not raining.


Of course, it is really important to have the right wet weather clothing on too. Hopefully, your golf shoes will be able to cope with wet grass anyway, you should not need a separate pair for wet and dry weather. The rest of your outfit may need to be protected with waterproof jacket and trousers. It is important to choose ones that will give you the manoeuvrability that you need as well as keeping you warm but not too hot. Breathable rainwear is tricky to find but it can make a big difference in how comfortable you will be when you play. It is worth thinking about what layers you have underneath too. You may find that the rain stops and you want to remove your waterproofs and so you need something suitable underneath but you need to ensure that you will stay warm but not too hot and wear the right amount of layers that will facilitate this.

Gadget Protection

Many players will have a phone and perhaps other gadgets they will use while they are playing. It can be worth making sure these stay dry if you plan on using them while playing in the rain. There are special cases that you can get to keep things dry but have a see-through section so you can still see and use them while they are inside. You will need to ensure that it is compatible with your device with regards to the size and whether it is easy to connect to a charger, headphones etc while it is in the case.

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The Importance of the Right Tee

It can be easy to assume that a tee is not really that important. This tiny item might be overlooked by most players as something which will not make a big difference to their game. However, there are things that will vary between them and they might even have quite an impact on your game. It is good to think about the differences between the different tees that are available for you to use. This is worthwhile as you could find that there are some features of tees that could have a significant impact on your game and so switching to a different type could be well worth considering.

The Height of the Tee

Tees come in various heights and this can make a big difference. If the tee is higher then it is likely that the ball will travel further. This means that for someone that tends to need a bit more distance when they hit a ball then using a higher tee could help. A higher tee will also impact the angle that the ball is hit. It will be hit higher on the club face if it is a higher tee and this will impact the launch angle which will influence the flight of the ball. A higher tee will also give less backspin which is also often desirable as backspin will reduce the distance that a ball travels. This means that height could be a very significant factor when you are choosing a tee.

What They Are Made Of

Traditional tees are made of wood and they are the most commonly used. They are good for performance because they are stiff but they can snap in half easily which means that you will need to replace them regularly. Plastic is the alternative and they are very unlikely to snap. However, they can bend if you hit really hard and this is not ideal either, but they are likely to be more durable and therefore better value for money. Some people prefer to go with a more eco-friendly material and therefore buy bamboo tees. They are stronger than regular wood ones and so they are less likely to snap and they are biodegradable so when they do snap, they will break down meaning that they cause less unsightly litter on the golf course and less damage to the environment in the long term.


Although the colour will not have an impact on your performance, it can make things easier when you are playing if you can see your tee more easily. You do not want to spend ages looking for a lost tee and so bright colours could be easier to use. You might want personalised tees though and that means that you will not mistake someone else’s for yours, which can be annoying. Some people also like their tees and ball position markers to match. Some tees have a colour system on them which can be handy. They come in various lengths each in a different colour so you can more easily find the one that you need. They may even have markings on to show how far to stick them into the ground so you may find this handy to make sure that the ball is always a consistent height when you are hitting it.


Many tees just have a standard cup design to rest the ball on. However, there are some which are different with prongs to hold the balls and even some that have brushes. They are supposed to give advantages with regards to the friction so that the golfer will find their ball goes further when using them. They could be worth some investigation. It might be harder to balance the ball on some designs, which could be frustrating, but it may also be worth the effort if they create less friction and therefore allow the ball to go further. It can therefore be worth experimenting with these.


Although tees do not tend to be really expensive, there are differences in price between them. As they will be something that you are likely to need to replace quite often, it is worth thinking about what you can afford to spend. Do make sure that you think about value for money though. If you are paying significantly more for something that lasts a little longer then it may not be worth it. However, if the tee improves your game significantly then it could be worth paying more money for it.

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What to Look Out For in The Best Golf Gloves

Buying gloves may seem simple when you first consider it. You may think that they will all be the same, but there are differences between them, which is why there are so many different types. There are different things to look out for but in the end, it will come down to personal preference You will not get the luxury of being able to try a pair out during a game before you buy, so it is important to think about what to look out for.

Comfort and Fit

Obviously you want to make sure that the glove is comfortable to wear and fits well. Trying it on should help you to know if it is the right fit but comfort may take a bit longer. Try to spend a little while wearing them in the shop and even try to grip a golf club while wearing it so that you can get an idea of the feel. Think about how flexible it is and how much feel there is when you are wearing them. It is important to note that gloves are likely to stretch a bit so if they have a Velcro strap then make sure there is still the ability to tighten it a bit for when they do stretch. However, they should not pull too tightly when you clench your fist.


Seams can be a problem if they rub the hand and they can cause blisters or general discomfort. Therefore, take notice of where they are and think about whether they are likely to cause a problem. Try the glove on and note how soft they feel and where they are and this should help you to decide whether you think that they will be a problem for you or not.


How thick or thin the leather is can make a big difference to how the glove feels and performs. Some people like a thin leather so they get a good feel through it. However, some will prefer something a little thicker so that the glove lasts longer. It is a personal choice but well worth trying the glove in the shop to make sure that you can still feel well enough with it even if the leather is a bit thick.


This will allow you to be able to keep a good hold on the club. This will vary between brands and so you will need to try them out to make sure that you feel that you would be confident wearing them and that you will know that the club will not slip out of your hand. It is not always easy to work this out when looking at a glove in the shop, it might be better to therefore do a bit of research on this and find out what other people think and what you should be looking for before you buy.


Everyone will have a budget and so you may find that the gloves that feel the best will not be affordable. It is therefore important to make sure that you know how much you can afford to spend and only select and try on gloves in that price range. As tempting as it can be to try on dearer ones, it could just mean that you will not find anything that is as good as those expensive ones and you may just wish that you had not bothered. There are good budget gloves though and so you should not feel disheartened if you only have a small budget as there will still be options available for you.

Value for Money

It is always good to find a good balance between cost and the item. It can be tempting to think that you will always get the best item if you pay as much as you can afford but this is just not always the case. Think about value for money. For example, you may pay more money just for the brand name and may find the item is not actually any better than a less well-known brand. This will not always be the case though. It is worth making sure that you read reviews and try on pairs so that you can get an idea of what seems right for you. If you have never worn a glove before it can be a good idea to ask other players about theirs and perhaps try them on so that you can get a better understanding of what you should be looking for.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Golf Ball

It is easy to think that it is the clubs that are the only thing that will make a significant difference to your golf game (along with practice of course!) However, there are differences between all of the different pieces of equipment that you use and this includes the ball that you are using. If your games are really close, then a change of ball could make a significant difference to your game. It is worth having an understanding of how balls differ and this will help you to be able to make sure that you pick the one that will work for you.

The Cover of the Ball

Every ball has an outer layer that is dimpled and it will be easily recognisable as a golf ball. However, that dimpling is not the same on every ball. It will vary so that it reduces drag, so that it lies in the air for longer. The cover will tend to either be made of urethane or an ionomer. It will not be obvious from looking at the ball to see what it is made of or whether the dimple pattern will give better flight compared to other brands in order to find this out you will either need to test the balls or you will need to read reviews.

The Core of the Ball

The core is the centre of the ball and it is normally made from rubber. It can either be soft or solid and this will impact the way that it flies. You will not be able to see it of course, which means that you may need to take a look at the box to see what the ball is made up of. If you cannot find the information then you may need to do some research for yourself.

The Mantle

The mantle is included in some balls. It is a material between the core and the cover and It will influence the spin of the ball and also the way that it travels. This means that it can make a significant difference to how the ball performs. Whether having one will suit your game or not will be a very personal thing and so it can be a good idea to try some different balls out to see if you can feel and see a difference.

It is worth noting that a ball with a softcore and urethane cover tends to have a mantle and low compression and it is more suitable for a slower swing speed as it provides control and spin. A harder ball with an ionomer cover and no mantle will tend to have high compression, be more suitable for a faster swing speed and cover more distance while travelling faster. This means that you will find that a certain type of ball will be more suitable for a certain type of golfer. There are some balls that are a bit of a mix of both which could be better for the intermediate golfer, with a softer ball being better for a beginner.

There are other factors that you may also need to think about as well:-


If you are on a budget then you may need to think about getting a ball that will not cost you a lot of money. It is important to think about value for money when you are looking at balls though. If you spend too little on a ball then the performance may not be good. However, spending a lot on a ball and then losing it, can be really annoying. So, you will need to think about which option will suit your needs the best.


This might seem like a minor factor but it can be important. If you find it hard to see your ball, then you may want one that is a colour that will stand out and then you will be more easily able to find it. It could make the game a lot easier and less frustrating for you.


It is worth thinking about how many balls you are buying as well. They normally come in packs and if you often lose balls then you will need to make sure that you have enough in your pack so that you do not have to stop playing because you have run out of balls. You may also want to go for something cheaper if you often lose balls as otherwise, you will be throwing (or rather hitting!) your money away.

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