Buying the Best Waterproof Golf Accessories

When you are playing golf, you need to be prepared for playing in all weathers. If you want to play as often as possible then you will not be able to avoid playing in the rain (unless you go play golf in the sun in Portugal!). However, you need to be prepared for this and it is a good idea to make sure that you and your equipment are protected and prepared so that your game is not spoiled.

Waterproof Golf Bag

It can be a really good idea to use a golf bag that is waterproof. You will find that this will not only protect your clubs but also any other items you keep in there such as notebooks, changes of clothing, towels etc which you will not want to get wet. When you are choosing a bag be very careful to make sure that it is guaranteed to be waterproof. Something which is advertised as water-resistant could be tempting, but this is not the same as waterproof. Water may bead up on the surface and drip off but if the rain is persistent it will become saturated and leak and so make sure you are careful when you are choosing. You will also want to consider whether the bag is sturdy enough for the wear and tear that it might be subjected to and that it is the right size for the items that you need to store in it.

Golf Bag Rain Cover

If you have a bag already and it is not waterproof or have not been able to find a waterproof one that suits your other needs, then a cover could be the solution. These will often have adjustable fasteners making them compatible with most sizes of bags, but you will have to check to be completely sure that it will work for you. This might also be a more cost-effective solution in some cases.


If the rain gets on the handles of your clubs then they could be slippery when you use them. Therefore, towelling them off is a good idea. There are towels made specifically for golf. You will need something that is not too big, easy and quick to use, easy to wash and dry and lasts a long time as well.

Golf Umbrella

An umbrella will help you to stay dry when you are waiting for others to take their shot. You may be happy with getting all the protection you need from a waterproof jacket and trousers, but on the other hand, you may want to keep your hair and face dry. It can be annoying when wet trickles down your face and neck when you are taking a shot and if you wear glasses you will need to be able to see clearly too, so an umbrella can be useful for this. You may also want to consider getting an umbrella holder attachment for your trolley so you can easily carry it when it is not raining.


Of course, it is really important to have the right wet weather clothing on too. Hopefully, your golf shoes will be able to cope with wet grass anyway, you should not need a separate pair for wet and dry weather. The rest of your outfit may need to be protected with waterproof jacket and trousers. It is important to choose ones that will give you the manoeuvrability that you need as well as keeping you warm but not too hot. Breathable rainwear is tricky to find but it can make a big difference in how comfortable you will be when you play. It is worth thinking about what layers you have underneath too. You may find that the rain stops and you want to remove your waterproofs and so you need something suitable underneath but you need to ensure that you will stay warm but not too hot and wear the right amount of layers that will facilitate this.

Gadget Protection

Many players will have a phone and perhaps other gadgets they will use while they are playing. It can be worth making sure these stay dry if you plan on using them while playing in the rain. There are special cases that you can get to keep things dry but have a see-through section so you can still see and use them while they are inside. You will need to ensure that it is compatible with your device with regards to the size and whether it is easy to connect to a charger, headphones etc while it is in the case.

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