The Importance of the Right Tee

It can be easy to assume that a tee is not really that important. This tiny item might be overlooked by most players as something which will not make a big difference to their game. However, there are things that will vary between them and they might even have quite an impact on your game. It is good to think about the differences between the different tees that are available for you to use. This is worthwhile as you could find that there are some features of tees that could have a significant impact on your game and so switching to a different type could be well worth considering.

The Height of the Tee

Tees come in various heights and this can make a big difference. If the tee is higher then it is likely that the ball will travel further. This means that for someone that tends to need a bit more distance when they hit a ball then using a higher tee could help. A higher tee will also impact the angle that the ball is hit. It will be hit higher on the club face if it is a higher tee and this will impact the launch angle which will influence the flight of the ball. A higher tee will also give less backspin which is also often desirable as backspin will reduce the distance that a ball travels. This means that height could be a very significant factor when you are choosing a tee.

What They Are Made Of

Traditional tees are made of wood and they are the most commonly used. They are good for performance because they are stiff but they can snap in half easily which means that you will need to replace them regularly. Plastic is the alternative and they are very unlikely to snap. However, they can bend if you hit really hard and this is not ideal either, but they are likely to be more durable and therefore better value for money. Some people prefer to go with a more eco-friendly material and therefore buy bamboo tees. They are stronger than regular wood ones and so they are less likely to snap and they are biodegradable so when they do snap, they will break down meaning that they cause less unsightly litter on the golf course and less damage to the environment in the long term.


Although the colour will not have an impact on your performance, it can make things easier when you are playing if you can see your tee more easily. You do not want to spend ages looking for a lost tee and so bright colours could be easier to use. You might want personalised tees though and that means that you will not mistake someone else’s for yours, which can be annoying. Some people also like their tees and ball position markers to match. Some tees have a colour system on them which can be handy. They come in various lengths each in a different colour so you can more easily find the one that you need. They may even have markings on to show how far to stick them into the ground so you may find this handy to make sure that the ball is always a consistent height when you are hitting it.


Many tees just have a standard cup design to rest the ball on. However, there are some which are different with prongs to hold the balls and even some that have brushes. They are supposed to give advantages with regards to the friction so that the golfer will find their ball goes further when using them. They could be worth some investigation. It might be harder to balance the ball on some designs, which could be frustrating, but it may also be worth the effort if they create less friction and therefore allow the ball to go further. It can therefore be worth experimenting with these.


Although tees do not tend to be really expensive, there are differences in price between them. As they will be something that you are likely to need to replace quite often, it is worth thinking about what you can afford to spend. Do make sure that you think about value for money though. If you are paying significantly more for something that lasts a little longer then it may not be worth it. However, if the tee improves your game significantly then it could be worth paying more money for it.

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