How to Make the Most of Your Golf Practice

There are lots of different things that people do in order to practice their golf abilities between games. Some people may do very little, some may do a lot, but it is really important to make sure that if you are choosing to do some practice, that you practice the right things so that you make the most of what you are doing. There are several things that it is worth considering before you start.

Have a Plan

It is a good idea to make sure that you have a plan of action. Think about what specifically you want to work on, perhaps a particular stroke, your general fitness or whatever. You might want to work on several things at once but make sure that you have a specific plan for each. If you just leave it at ‘general fitness’ you may end up doing nothing. Plan how you will work on this, perhaps a walk or jog each day, some strength training etc. Put together a timetable with specific activities and timings and not only will you be more likely to stick to it but it will ensure that you target the right areas.

It’s always better to have a plan when hitting the golf course.

Target the Right Area

It is well worth making sure that you really are targeting the right area when you are training. You need to think hard about this. It may be easy to identify which areas of the game that you feel weakest in, but you may find that working in these areas is not always that beneficial. It is important to think about where will actually benefit your game the most. Think carefully about where you most often make mistakes and what impact improving that area might make. It can be easy to focus on one bad shot that really got you down, but if you normally hit that shot well, then practising it may not bring about much of an improvement. It might also be worth thinking about asking someone else to help you to identify where you need to improve. This is because it can be easier for someone else to see the problems rather than us. We may also not want to admit a certain area is a problem because we do not like the idea of working hard on that bit!

Try to Make it Interesting

Practising shot after shot can get really boring. Once we have done it a few times we can find boredom setting in and we might even switch off and think about other things. If we do this it means that we could just be hitting making error after error because we are not concentrating and adding to that muscle memory of the incorrect shot rather than improving. You need to make sure that you find a way to make sure that you stay concentrated. This might mean that you only do a few shots where you really concentrate and then move onto something else as soon as you feel that you are tiring and so practice in short regular bursts rather than for longer periods. Work out what you think will suit you.

Be Flexible

It can be beneficial to have a flexible approach. If you find that you are just not engaging with a particular way to practice then it is a good idea to try something new. It can be tempting to stick to a method because a book/magazine/website/friend has recommended it but it is worth remembering that it may not work for you. Think hard about whether it is something that is actually working out for you or not. You could find that you will benefit a lot more by switching to something different. So, if your progress is not as fast as you hoped, then look at new methods and try them out. It will be a risk of course, you could find that your game does not improve or perhaps gets worse for a while, but once you find the method that does suit you, it will be worth it. By taking a risk you could find that you will see a huge improvement at some stage and that will be well worth all the setbacks you may have suffered through experimenting. Remember we are all different and so there is no one perfect way to practice that will suit everyone but it is a case of finding the one that works best for you.

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